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Anupama: Anupama’s reality slap to Rakhi backfires Rakhi horrible planning and plotting (Upcoming Story)

By: SG Admin on September 15, 2020

Anupama: Anupama’s reality slap to Rakhi backfires Rakhi ugly conspiracy

Late-night TV show Anupama, the top TV serial is going to see Anupama splitting water onto Rakhi's evil plans.

Rakhi forces Anupama to get a diamond ring for Kinjal where Anupama gets disturbed with her such demand.

Anupama is not ready to let Rakhi break Paritosh and Kinjal's marriage alliance just because of a diamond ring that she sells off all her gold ornaments and gets the ring.

Rakhi takes advantage of the situation and insults the family.

Vanraj is disappointed with how Anupama's such step made Rakhi slap on his face.

However, before Rakhi could insult Vanraj more, Anupama is back in action mode to give a reality check to Rakhi.

Anupama and Rakhi's drastic face-off 

Anupama is of course not going to stand Vanraj's insult and thus confronts Rakhi for trying her horrible planning and plotting to make them break the relation.

Let's see how Anupama will once again defeat Rakhi in her own plans.

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