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Anupama: Kavya’s toxic revenge on Vanraj ruining Anupama’s happy world (Upcoming Story)

Anupama: Kavya’s toxic revenge on Vanraj ruining Anupama’s happy world

One of the most popular TV series ‘Anupama’ is currently focusing on Anupama living the best days of her life when she is getting remarried to her hubby Vanraj.

Anupama’s loyal love for Vanraj is not hidden from anyone but Vanraj never gave any priority to Anupama.

Though now when he planned to marry his girlfriend Kavya, Vanraj is getting sweeter towards Anupama which is kind of indigestible for all of us.

Vanraj decides to marry Kavya on the same day of his and Anupama’s marriage.

Vanraj eventually fails to fulfil his promise to Kavya and this makes Kavya go totally mad at him.

Kavya is not ready to accept Vanraj’s betrayal and Anupama’s happiness thus Kavya goes totally psycho to ruin Anupama’s happy world and destroy Vanraj.

Kavya has held grudge against Vanraj which will ultimately bring doom to Vanraj.

The story will completely turn upside down with Kavya takes an extreme step to stop Vanraj and Anupama’s marriage.

Vanraj’s hell like condition amid Anupama and Kavya

Now the situation will deteriorate in such a manner that Vanraj will face a terrible time alongside Anupama's happy world will shatter in a drastic way.

This is getting more and more interesting to watch what big twist will happen now in Anupama.

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