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Shaadi Mubarak: KT is guilty takes step to break Preeti's heart (Upcoming Twist)

Shaadi Mubarak: KT is guilty takes step to break Preeti's heart

Star Plus show Shaadi Mubarak's upcoming twist will see KT and Preeti's marriage coming across a new dilemma

KT and Preeti's love confession brings some romantic and beautiful sequences in the show.

However, not anymore because KT doesn't love Preeti.

The truth is that KT still takes Preeti as a friend and he confessed his love to not hurt Preeti's sentiments.

Preeti is ready to take their marriage to next level but KT's conscience is stopping him.

KT's friend zone is what will break Preeti's heart ahead when KT and Preeti visit Dargah.

Preeti to take her decision 

Preeti ties an auspicious thread with a prayer that they stay together for the coming 7 births.

KT tries to untangle it and when a Fakeer comes and compels KT to not lose it or the prayer will not complete, KT reveals that he himself wants the prayer to not come true.

KT is guilty of lying to Preeti that he loves her when he actually doesn't.

Unfortunately, Preeti hears everything and the moment her heartbreaks, the tears fall from her eyes.

How Preeti will handle such heartbreak, and what will happen to KT and Preeti's marriage,

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