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Shaadi Mubarak: New hardship for KT Preeti post date night (Upcoming Twist)

Shaadi Mubarak: New hardship for KT Preeti post date night

Star Plus serial Shaadi Mubarak upcoming twist will see new challenges for KT and Preeti.

After Nandini's exit, KT and Preeti turn to make their love plans for each other.

KT and Preeti are trying their hard to make their love confessions to each other but Preeti is soo nervous.

Preeti indirectly confesses her love to KT in many ways.

Preeti and KT's date night witnesses their mesmerizing love confessions.

KT and Preeti make promises of love and head to step in their new phase of life.

However, not everything is going to go smooth in their marital love life as new trouble has already knocked in.

KT and Preeti's family in trouble

What is the bad news is that the family business is in deep trouble.

Kushal and the family is worried for the business but hide the same from KT and Preeti.

The family doesn't want to trouble KT and Preeti who have just got happiness in their lives.

So, how KT and Preeti will face the new hardships, make sure you read SERIALGOSSIP.COM and stay ahead with the latest news and latest updates.


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