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Shaadi Mubarak: Dejected in love Preeti demands divorce from KT (Latest News)

Shaadi Mubarak: Dejected Preeti demands divorce from KT

In the latest story of Shaadi Mubarak, a lot more will change in KT and Preeti's life.

KT promises love to Preeti but in actuality, he doesn't love Preeti nor did he ever loved her.

When the truth comes forth Preeti, Preeti's world gets destroyed.

Preeti falls shattered into pieces realizing how KT played with her feelings, how he acted love before her when in reality he doesn't.

Preeti is not ready to live in the fake marriage anymore.

What is Preeti's decision is what gives KT a big blow.

Preeti confronts KT

Preeti confronts KT and asks for divorce which leaves KT shocked.

Preeti compels that she cannot live in a namesake marriage with no love.

Preeti reminds KT of his words that they can be best friends but can never become the best couple.

Preeti's demand for divorce hurts KT but what will be KT's decision when he himself doesn't love Preeti,

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