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Anupama: Depressed Pakhi runs away to take extreme step (Latest News)

Anupama: Depressed Pakhi runs away to take extreme step

Star Plus serial Anupama latest story will see new trouble in Vanraj and Anupama's parenting journey.

Vanraj is trying his hard to settle down with Kavya but Pakhi is unable to cope up with the daily taunts.

Pakhi feels upset seeing Vanraj suffering from Kavya and how Kavya always insults him.

Pakhi realizes the huge difference between Anupama and Kavya wherein how much Vanraj used to stay happy with Anupama.

Pakhi feels depressed when every time she fails to handle her arguments with Kavya.

Pakhi wants Vanraj to celebrate his birthday with the family but Kavya emotionally coaxes Vanraj to celebrate with her.

The deteriorating consequences lead to Pakhi's extreme step when she runs away from Kavya's house.

Will Vanraj and Anupama save Pakhi?

Vanraj gets tensed when he fails to find Pakhi anywhere.

Kavya is also clueless when here Anupama gets some bad intuitions.

Anupama calls Vanraj and asks Pakhi's whereabouts but though Vanraj is himself clueless, Anupama recklessly runs to save her daughter.

Vanraj also gets tensed for Pakhi when here Pakhi is walking lost on the roads.

Pakhi recalls her beautiful times with Anupama and Vanraj and regrets leaving her mom.

So, will Vanraj and Anupama be able to save Pakhi before it gets too late? 

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