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Anupama: Kavya and her next move to ruin Vanraj (Latest News)

Anupama: Kavya and her next move to ruin Vanraj

The latest story of Anupama will see Kavya taking a disastrous step against Vanraj.

Vanraj and Kavya plan to celebrate the birthday in the resort.

However, Vanraj doesn't want to hurt his family anymore and thus he celebrates his birthday with the Shah family.

Vanraj takes such a step without even telling Kavya and this drives Kavya crazy to the core.

Kavya is driven revengeful and crazy to teachVanraj a good lesson after he chose his family again.

So, what's more, coming up next in Anupama is what will change the whole storyline.

Kavya's shocking entry into Shah house

Kavya swears to make Vanraj's birthday one of the most memorable birthdays of his life.

Kavya will interestingly announce her marriage to Vanraj.

So, what will be Vanraj's reaction to it, and how Vanraj will be ruined after all he never wanted to marry Kavya.

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