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Molkki: Purvi says I Love You gets Virendra nervous (Latest News)

Molkki: Purvi says I Love You gets Virendra nervous

Colors TV serial Molkki is seeing Virendra and Purvi's closeness turning into love.

Amid Valentine's eve when Virendra saves Purvi, Purvi finally confesses her love to Virendra.

Purvi says I Love You to Virendra which intriguingly gets Virendra super nervous.

Virendra gets confused with Purvi's love confession because he loves Purvi but he can't deny his past with Sakshi.

Virendra takes a dilemmatic step

Consequently adding more twists to the tale, Virendra decides to maintain his distance from Purvi.

Virendra starts ignoring Purvi because he can't level up his relationship with Purvi.

So, how Virendra and Purvi's relationship of love will blossom after Purvi's love confession and Virendra dilemmatic choice.

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