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Anupama: Huge blaster in Vanraj's birthday, Anupama VS Kavya (Upcoming Episode)

Anupama: Anupama VS Kavya, big blaster in Vanraj's birthday

In the upcoming episode of the Anupama TV serial, Vanraj's birthday bash will see a huge blaster.

Vanraj's birthday bash is on the head when the family announces a pooja for him.

Herein Kavya compels Vanraj to celebrate his birthday with her in the resort.

Kavya wishes Vanraj first while when they celebrate the birthday at the midnight, Pakhi feels depressed.

Pakhi feels hurt thinking Kavya snatched her father and now Vanraj also doesn't care for her.

Consequently, Pakhi runs away from the house and goes missing.

Though Anupama soon finds Pakhi and Pakhi returns to Shah family, the big blaster coming in Vanraj's birthday party.

Vanraj Kavya Anupama's life entangled

So, Vanraj finds himself trapped between Kavya and his family.

Vanraj wants to celebrate the birthday with the family but Kavya is pressurizing him to be with her.

Anupama confronts Kavya and Vanraj when she finds about Pakhi's depressive state.

So, what will happen on Vanraj's birthday, and how Anupama, Vanraj and Kavya will face-off again.

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