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Anupama: Pakhi's shocking accident to teach Vanraj lesson (Upcoming Twist)

Anupama: Pakhi's shocking accident to teach Vanraj lesson

Star Plus Anupama TV serial's upcoming twist will see Pakhi slipping into the depressive state.

Pakhi decides to wish Vanraj first on his birthday but Kavya takes the chance.

Kavya wishes Vanraj first when super happy Vanraj hugs Kavya.

Pakhi gets jealous and feels upset as she thinks Kavya snatched her right and she also made her father away from her.

Pakhi gets so depressed that she runs away from the house and there she goes missing.

Vanraj gets tensed when he fails to find Pakhi anywhere.

Meanwhile, when Anupama calls Vanraj as she gets bad intuition, Vanraj stands silent.

Anupama and Vanraj both rush to find Pakhi while Pakhi is walking homeless and lost on the road.

Pakhi is about to meet an accident when Anupama sees Pakhi and recklessly runs to save her.

Thankfully Anupama saves Pakhi but Pakhi's accident teaches a serious lesson to Vanraj.

Vanraj to make his decision

Consequently, Vanraj realizes his mistake about how his negligence led to Pakhi's extreme step.

Vanraj realizes his mistake and how he failed to become a good father when Pakhi was suffering so much.

What will happen in Vanraj's birthday party when Kavya is determined to not let Vanraj visit his family,

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