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Anupama: Kavya sits in pooja with Vanraj Anupama sidelined (Upcoming Episode)

Anupama: Kavya sits in pooja with Vanraj and Anupama sidelined

Star Plus serial Anupama is all set to see a new drama with Kavya's entry into Shah's house.

Kavya ruins Shah's happiness when Anupama convinces Baa to let Kavya celebrate with them.

This leads to a dilemmatic situation when Vanraj sits for pooja.

Vanraj wants to do the pooja with Anupama but before Anupama, Kavya sits with Vanraj.

Kavya replaces Anupama to do pooja with Vanraj but Baa is against it.

Baa compels Anupama to accompany Vanraj as she is his wife.

Anupama agrees to Baa and sits with Vanraj but poor Anupama is badly sidelined.

Kavya turns hurdle in Vanraj's happiness

Vanraj also stays upset as Kavya's interruption ruined his family's happiness and their peace.

Kavya controls Vanraj and makes him do rituals with her while Anupama sits upset.

So, what new conspiracy Kavya is planning against Anupama and Vanraj,

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