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Anupama: Anupama's beauty revamp surprises Vanraj in party (Upcoming Twist)

Anupama: Anupama's beauty transformation numbs Vanraj in party

Star Plus TV serial Anupama is looking forward to Vanraj's birthday party.

Vanraj celebrates his birthday with his family which makes Kavya revengeful against him.

Kavya enters Shah's house when Anupama convinces the family to let Kavya celebrate Vanraj's birthday with them.

Kavya is pleased with Anupama's kind gesture.

However, the big blaster comes at the birthday party where the party theme is black.

When everyone is decked up in black,

Anupama is mesmerizing her beauty by wearing a classy black saree and this amazes Vanraj to the core.

Vanraj goes mad to see Anupama

Consequently, Vanraj gets surprised to see Anupama's all beauty revamp.

Vanraj who lost Anupama in his ego is badly regretting seeing Anupama's transformation on every step and with every passing day.

Some intriguing twists and turns will come in Vanraj's birthday party because Kavya is determined to mesmerize Vanraj before Anupama could.

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