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Imlie: Aditya fills sindoor in Imlie's hairline shocks Malini (Latest News)

Imlie: Aditya fills sindoor in Imlie's hairline shocks Malini

In the upcoming latest story of Imlie TV serial, Aditya will take a big step towards Imlie.

Aditya doesn't want to see Imlie suffering anymore.

Thus, Aditya takes an initiative when he calls Imlie and compels her to close her eyes.

As Imlie follows Aditya, Aditya takes sindoor and fill Imlie's hairline surprising Imlie.

Imlie gets tears in her eyes when Aditya handovers the sindoor to Imlie compelling how she can at least not snatch this right from him.

Aditya and Imlie's major face-off to Aditya

Aditya and Imlie have an emotional moment of their love confession.

Imlie takes sindoor and turns to her room when accidentally Malini dumps into her and sees sindoor in Imlie's hairline.

Imlie stands shocked while Malini questions Imlie's sindoor.

Malini gets another major shocker when she sees Aditya standing.

So, how intriguingly this love story of Aditya and Imlie will get revealed to Malini,

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