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Anupama: House Partition begins real war amid Vanraj Anupama (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on June 10, 2021

Anupama: House Partition begins real war amid Vanraj and Anupama

The upcoming episode of Anupama will finally witness the moment for which everyone waited for so long.

Anupama is taking her bidayi from the Shah family to start a new life.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Kavya are beginning their newlywed life.

In between this moment, Babuji adds a super exciting twist by handing property papers to Vanraj, Anupama, and Dolly.

Vanraj, Kavya gets a huge shocker when Babuji reveals that he has divided the house between Vanraj, Anupama, and Dolly.

Anupama gets upset with her never-ending relationship with the family while Kavya and Vanraj get furious with Babuji for such a big decision.

Vanraj who started to get closer with Anupama is once given driven mad after Babuji involved Anupama in the house partition.

Anupama stays back with Shahs

So how riveting and intense will the story get now after Anupama stays back with the Shahs.

Get ready to witness more drama and fight in the Shah because Vanraj isn't ready to let Anupama live in peace after she got a part in the Shah house.

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