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Molkki: Purvi in Vipul's arms in bedroom shocks Virendra (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on June 17, 2021

Molkki: Purvi in Vipul's arms in bedroom shocks Virendra

The latest twist in Colors TV serial Molkki is going to spice up Virendra and Purvi's love life.

So, Purvi's ex-lover Vipul has marked his entry in the house and is keeping Virendra at bay from Purvi.

Purvi's love for Vipul was always true but now she has moved on with Virendra.

However, now when Vipul is back in her life, she has started to redevelop her feelings for him.

Meanwhile, when Purvi trips her foot and falls down, Vipul holds her in his arms, and interestingly Virendra witnesses this moment.

Virendra fumes in jealousy seeing his lady love in Vipul's arms and that in the bedroom.

Virendra isn't ready to sit silent and keep watching Vipul budding his love with Purvi, thus he makes a plan.

Vipul and Purvi's budding love

While Sakshi has challenged to make Purvi agree to marry Vipul, 

Virendra is also ready with his plan against them.

So, what will happen next in the show, to know this, make sure to check out every latest update at

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