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Anupama: Kavya pulls the string to use Samar (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on July 10, 2021


Anupama: Kavya pulls the string to use Samar

The major twist in the story of your favorite TV show Anupama will come up next because Kavya got her new target against Anupama.

It is seen that Vanraj really likes Anupama’s café business idea while the family also supports it.

Ultimately, Vanraj convinces Kavya for the same.

However, Kavya isn’t ready to let Vanraj do so because she is scared of if Vanraj will return in Anupama’s life through this business partnership.

Just when Kavya gets a major clue of Samar not liking Anupama and Vanraj’s partnership,

She decides to pull the string and use Samar against this budding love of Vanraj and Anupama.


Samar stands against Anupama

Anupama and Samar have an argument as Samar isn’t ready to let Anupama work with the same Vanraj Shah who once broke her ghunghroo, insulted her dancing talent and also left her for another woman.

Kavya targets Samar to use his frustration against Anupama and make Anupama ultimately back out from the partnership with Vanraj.

How Kavya’s this new plan will tough Anupama’s life?

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