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Sasural Simar Ka 2: New evil bride enters Aarav Simar life (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on July 11, 2021

Sasural Simar Ka 2: New evil bride enters to spoil Aarav Simar life

Colors popular show Sasural Simar Ka 2 is all set to witness the biggest turning point in the storyline with Vivaan and Reema’s wedding.

The new evil bride who is entering the Oswal house is going to ruin Simar and Aarav’s wedding life and things are going to only get worse.

Reema is determined to snatch Aarav back from Simar wherein Vivaan is just her pawn to enter the Oswal house.

After their one-night-stand which is actually fake, Reema emotionally blackmails Vivaan to either marry her or let her die.

Reema's fake suicide drama traps Vivaan and thus Vivaan rushes to marry her.

Reeema’s hidden agenda to avenge Oswals

At the same time, Reema is hiding her real agenda of taking revenge on Oswals and Badi Maa who insulted her.

How Reema will create a ruckus in Simar and Aarav’s budding love life and how she will turn an evil bride to Oswals?

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