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Imlie: Aparna turns new negative plots against Aditya Imlie (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on July 21, 2021

Imlie: Aparna turns new negative plots against Aditya and Imlie

Star Plus show Imlie is looking forward to some high voltage drama in the storyline because Aparna isn’t ready to let Imlie win the Best Bahu Competition.

The next challenge is a couple dance when Aditya and Imlie learn the best dance to win this challenge.

However, Aparna here turns new negative and locks Aditya in the room to not let him reach the stage.

While Aparna and Radha take this nasty step to only make things difficult for Aditya and Imlie.

Now when Aditya and Imlie are called on the stage, Aditya fails to reach there and this gets Imlie worried.

Imlie to fail Aparna’s plan

Aparna quietly comes and joins the audience after planning and plotting against Imlie and Aditya.

However, will Imlie know the truth and bring Aditya before it gets too late?

It would be quite interesting to watch how Imlie and Aditya will win the dance challenge.

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