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Udaariyaan: WOAH! Nehmat’s emotional breakdown melts down Advait (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: January 24, 2023 03:01 PM IST


Udaariyaan: WOAH! Nehmat’s emotional breakdown melts down Advait


In the upcoming episode of Colors TV serial Udaariyaan, now a lot is going to change in Advait and Nehmat’s namesake relationship.

As per the ongoing storyline, Shamsher announces Nehmat’s pregnancy so that Veronica’s attempt to expose her and Advait’s affair doesn’t affect their image and the media doesn’t believe her.

However, Shamsher’s unexpected step really comes hell shocking to both Advait and Nehmat.

And now the big twist unfolds when Nehmat emotionally breaks down into tears and cries her heart out after coming back to home.

Thus, for the first time, Advait feels really bad for Nehmat and seeing her emotional and mental outburst,

Now Advait actually melts down and forgets his hate towards her for a moment.


Advait’s hatred to change

The high time is here when Nehmat’s vulnerable state will bring a huge change in Advait’s heart and everything will spice up intriguingly.

So, let’s see how Advait falls in love with Nehmat after he gets to know her more.

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