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Proud Moment!! PM Narendra Modi leads the world, forced COVID-19 to vamoose India (Recent News)

Narendra Modi on CoronaVirus outbreaks: 21 days lockdown giving positive response

Corona Virus and its effects has been grooved to such extent that its proper care and precaution can decide that to what extent we can bring down the impact of the disaster.

This is the time to strength our mind to stay inside our homes so that we can break the chain of contagious infectious disease.

However where further Narendra Modi’s live updates declared 21 days lockdown in India, where PM confirmed that no person is allowed to come outside the house.

Well for daily necessities, there will be specific time to open some shops and pleaded everyone to follow the rule.

PM Narendra Modi is leading the world

However this bold decision of 21 days lockdown makes PM Narendra Modi to lead the world where no country is able to control the Corona spread.

As per WHO daily reports, there is halt in rapid increase in number of Corona patients, where all credit Goes to PM Narendra Modi who took sudden decision for safety of Indians.

Well this self Isolation and Lockdown forced COVID-19 virus not to get contagious.

Stay Home, Stay Hydrated and Pray for world.

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