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Imlie: Anu disqualifies Pallavi for cheating Imlie conquers (Latest Update)

By: SG Admin on July 20, 2021

Imlie: Anu disqualifies Pallavi for cheating Imlie conquers

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Imlie is about to showcase some interesting twist and turns.

Imlie decides to impress her family and win the competition so that they accept her as their daughter in law.

Shockingly, Anu turns out to be one of the judges who seeks revenge from Imlie.

It will be seen that Anu makes every effort to fail Imlie from the competition.

Meanwhile, she finds Pallavi trying to help Imlie and she disqualifies Pallavi for cheating.

Imlie feels sorry for Pallavi and she decides to give her best in making pasta.

Anu plans to disqualify Imlie

Eventually, Judges get to taste the contestants dishes blindfolded and they choose Imlie’s dish as winner of round 1.

However, Anu could not digest Imlie as the winner of that round so she asks them to disqualify her.

Will Imlie get disqualified? Will she earn the respect that she deserves from her mother in law?

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