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Imlie: Imlie to perform in the absence of Aditya (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on July 22, 2021

Imlie: Imlie to perform in the absence of Aditya

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Imlie will showcase an interesting twist and turn in the dance competition.

Imlie has decided that she will win the heart of her family members anyhow by winning the competition.

On the other hand, Anu is the judge of the competition and she does not want Imlie to win the title of best bahu.

Hence, Anu plans to provoke Aparna to prove that Malani is important to her.

Aditya goes to find Imlie’s ghungroo and Aparna locks him inside.

Aparna locks Aditya in a room

Meanwhile, its time for Imlie’s performance and Anu asks them to disqualify her as Aditya is not present.

Eventually, Imlie decides to perform solo as Aditya does not show up on time.

In the end of the performance Anu will be seen telling Imlie that she can’t win this competition without a partner.

What will be the next step of Anu? Will she succeed in her plans?

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