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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27 July 2020 written update Kabir and Ridhima's love confession (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27 July 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vansh and Ridhima major confrontation where Aryan blames Ridhima.

Angre gets the red cloth while Vansh swears if there will be no nail then he will not spare her.

Vansh opens the cloth and sees nail and gets stunned while Ridhima is also confused and shocked.

Flashback shows, when Ridhima throws the red cloth then Kabir puts nails in them and ties it back.

Suddenly power goes off and a person mysteriously enters in the mansion who drags away Ridhima misleading Vansh and Angre.

Kabir and Ridhima have an emotional breakdown, Ridhima tightly hugs him confessing love.

Angre rushes to see the fuse where he is shocked to see that the wire is cut.

Angre bursts in anger while here Ridhima gives family information to Kabir.

They have a very emotional and lovely discussion where Ridhima ends up crying confessing Vansh is really dangerous.

Kabir holds Ridhima's hand and takes her outside the house promising he can't let her stay here anymore and can't danger her life but Ridhima stay stubborn to stay here and complete the mission.

Kabir smartly trapped Ishani 

Angre fixes the fuse while Ridhima forces Kabir to leave.

Vansh heads to Ridhima's room that the light comes and Ridhima is scared to hell.

Ridhima fears if Vansh will see Kabir but in actual Kabir has already left the house.

Here Ishani bursts her anger on Angre for stopping her from going outside.

Vansh comes downstairs where Ishani shouts at him for giving so much priority to Angre who is his servant.

Ishani angrily throws her bag that Vansh sees cutter from Ishani's bag and is shell shocked.

Vansh questions Ishani about the cutter while everyone is shocked.


Vansh and Angre torture Kabir while Ridhima shouts Kabir and recognizes him shocking Vansh.

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