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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29 July 2020 written update Ridhima shows Vansh his nasty image (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29 July 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vansh and Ridhima’s major confrontation.

Angre is ruthlessly beating a man that Ridhima gets scared thinking if the man is Kabir.

Ridhima gets tensed but doesn’t take Kabir’s name.

Vansh shows Ridhima to the man and is stunned seeing the person is not Kabir, but someone else.

Ridhima confronts Vansh for beating an innocent man while Vansh is himself stunned seeing the ID card of the man, who is a normal salesperson and was on the way to his conference when Angre kidnapped him.

Angre takes away the man while Ridhima throws away the phone, which Vansh gifted and she confronts Vansh.

Ridhima bursts out her anger on Vansh for beating an innocent man just because he doubts on her and wants to clear his doubt.

Ridhima leaves in incensed anger where after Vansh regrets his step.

The family is talking about Vansh and his business where if Vansh will crack the upcoming big deal then their business will be counted in India’s top Business companies.

Ishani taunts Aryan while Aryan taunts back Ishani about her lovely and talented brother Vansh giving all attention to staff Ridhima.

Dadi stops her family from talking about Vansh and talks about his responsibilities got him all alone in his own life.

Vansh comes and stops Aryan and Ishani's argument.

Ridhima triggers Vansh's anger 

Vansh is angry and regrets while Ridhima comes and confronts him.

Ridhima gives resignation letter and quits her physiotherapy job while Vansh is hell shocked.

Ridhima triggers Vansh's anger and one after other reminds him about how he was about to take the person's life just because he doubts her.

Ridhima reminds Vansh about how he takes everyone as his servant and forgets there are humans in world.

Ridhima reminds Vansh his nasty, arrogant and heartless identity while she keeps on mocking him.

Vansh stops Ridhima but Ridhima reminds Vansh that he got this lavish life decorated in a plate when he was born.

He learned to be arrogant and cruel but there was no one who could slap him and make him realize the difference amid right and wrong.

Vansh is infuriated while Ridhima says he can't live with an arrogant and selfish heartless man.

Ridhima leaves the house with her bags and recalls her promises she made to Kabir. 

Ridhima is about to leave the house then the main gate closes and Angre comes while he asks the secretary to take Ridhima inside saying no one can leave the house without Boss permission, Ridhima stands shocked.


Vansh reminds Ridhima that she hates him but now his name will only give identity to her.

Vansh announces his marriage with Ridhima within 2 days.

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