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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th September 2020 written update Vansh love realization for Ridhima (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th September 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Kabir telling his partner about how he read Vansh’s message asking him to save Ridhima if he can.

Kabir tells about how he can let Ridhima ruin his plan that he is plotting since so long against Vansh.

Kabir wanted a person who is not from Police and then he came across Ridhima.

Kabir recalls meeting Ridhima and decides to use her to execute his plans against Vansh.

Kabir recalls Ridhima proposing love to him while how he again and again tried his love tricks to get Ridhima in his favor.

Kabir recalls how Ridhima even married Vansh for him.

Kabir tells about how he came on Vansh and Ridhima’s wedding and Ridhima thought he came to save her but actually he came to make Ridhima fool.

Kabir recalls how he blackmailed Ridhima and made her live with Vansh to continue marriage drama and help him against Vansh.

Vansh laughs and praises his partner who helped him in distracting Ridhima.

Kabir recalls Ridhima seeing the gun and thinks the person is targeting Vansh, while when Kabir shoots at Vansh, Ridhima pushes away Vansh to save him.

Kabir compliments his partner for working perfectly according to their plan while he serves the drink to him and sips it with pleasure.

Kabir then reveals why he made Ridhima believe that the gunshot was actually planned for Vansh because he wanted Vansh to blindly trust in Ridhima.

Kabir reveals that Vansh learned Ridhima’s real identity and he doesn’t want Ridhima to ruin his plan thus he made Ridhima save Vansh so that she wins Vansh trust back.

Vansh is upset when Dadi rushes and enquires about Ridhima when she rushes back to see Ridhima.

Dadi is upset while here the family is discussing Vansh while putting blame on Ridhima.

Aryan and Ishani are late when the family starts questioning them.

Chanchal recalls Aryan leaving them on way for some important work while here Anupriya recalls Ishani leaving them for collecting her dresses.

Vansh worried and angry at Ridhima

Dadi tries to comfort Vansh but Vansh is worried and the panic can be clearly seen on his face.

Dadi tries to console Vansh but Vansh is confused and lost.

Vansh changes and returns back to his bedroom when the nurse asks him to take rest as she will be there but Vansh denies.

Vansh gets angry at Ridhima when he doesn't find his perfume, his watch anything on its place.

Vansh is angry and lashes out at Ridhima for not waking up and lying on the bed.

Vansh gets angry saying he wanted to scare her but what she did is unacceptable.

The mystery person is hiding while when Vansh is leaving getting a call, his watch entangles with Ridhima's blanket.

Vansh gets teary eyes while looking at Ridhima with mixed emotions...Iss Ishq Mein Marjawan song plays.


Kabir's partner removes Ridhima's oxygen and blood pipes when Ridhima starts suffocating.

Ridhima struggles with the person while here Vansh is praying before Lord Ganesha to return back his Ridhima.

Vansh comes to Ridhima and fills sindoor in Ridhima's hairline with all tears in his eyes.

Suddenly, he notices Ridhima's heartbeats are not working, Vansh stands stumbled.

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