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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th September 2020 written update Ridhima to expose Kabir (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th September 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Ridhima panics and starts crying while Vansh pampers her.

Vansh scolds Ridhima for doubting his family while he comforts her and asks her to relax.

Kabir is getting irritated as his partner is not picking up his phone.

Anupriya comes and explains Vansh about Ridhima’s situation where she is scared and is traumatized because of the mystery man.

Anurpiya suggests Vansh to not go hard on Ridhima rather than try to be with her and help her overcome the trauma.

Vansh agrees to her advice while here Kabir is getting frustrated.

Next day, Ridhima is getting ready and is trying to drape her saree when Vansh comes and Ridhima gets surprised dropping her saree.

Vansh closes his eyes when he offers help.

Ridhima gives her saree to Vansh when Vansh closes his eyes and starts draping saree to Ridhima.

Ridhima is getting goosebumps while Vansh closing his eyes is lovingly and caressingly draping saree.

Roshni Se Bhare Bhare…song plays while Ridhima gets shaken when Vansh tries inserting the pleats inside Ridhima’s waist and touches her.

Vansh opens his eyes when they share a very intense eye lock moment.

Suddenly the moments strikes Vansh and Vansh turns his face thinking what is the feeling.

Vansh takes Ridhima to the mirror when Ridhima praises Vansh for perfectly draping the saree.

Vansh wants Ridhima to forget about the yellow gloves person and let him handle the matter.

Ridhima agrees while Vansh leaves. Ridhima thinks Vansh is going in the wrong direction because the person is someone from his family and she will prove it.

The mystery person gets Kabir’s call but he doesn’t care to pick it up.

Ridhima is having soup when Ishani is stalking Ridhima and recalling how she blamed her for attacking her and being the yellow gloves person.

Ishani then recalls putting a lot of chilly powder in Ridhima’s soup.

The flashback shows Ishani mixing the chilly powder in Ridhima’s soup calling it tomato soup, the new torture soup.

Ridhima starts feeling choked and starts opening fridge which is locked and Ishani has the keys.

Ishani comes with a water bottle and warns Ridhima for not stopping her investigation and is trying to dig in the secrets of the house.

Ishani warns Ridhima and handovers the keys while Ridhima drinks water and relaxes determining she will find the culprit soon.

The family gathers for pooja when Ishani and Aryan taunt Ridhima and try to scare her.

Ridhima close to finding the culprit

Vansh notices them and they leave. Vansh takes aarti from Ridhima when Ridhima is happy that Vansh changed.

Ridhima prays before God to help her find the culprit while here Kabir enters the house in the mask.

Kabir confronts his partner in the storeroom after Dsouza sees the yellow gloves in the storeroom and runs out.

Ridhima gets shocked and rushes to catch the culprit while here Kabir lashes out at his partner and yells at him.

Kabir asks him to end the story of yellow gloves mystery or Ridhima will dig into their secrets.

Ridhima gets an iron rod and enters the storeroom when she gets shocked seeing Kabir. 

Kabir stands stumbled seeing Ridhima.


Kabir bursts out at Ridhima when Ridhima talks about finding the yellow gloves person.

Kabir compels his partner to leave when Ridhima sees him and follows but fails to catch him.

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