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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th September 2020 written update (Tv Serial)

By: SG Admin on September 15, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th September 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Ridhima recalling how Vansh was attacked and then she remembers the person who tried to kill her and removed her oxygen mask.

Vansh sees Ridhima worried and rushes to pamper her.

Ridhima panics while Vansh comforts her. Vansh questions Ridhima when Ridhima tells about the person who attacked her and removed her oxygen mask.

Vansh gets shocked and asks Ridhima to tell his name and he will not spare him but Ridhima doesn’t remember his face.

Ridhima tries recalling the person face while the same person is stalking Vansh and Ridhima.

Vansh promises Ridhima that he will protect her and also catch the person as soon as possible.

Dadi comes to Ridhima and tells about how Vansh prayed for her life while stuns Ridhima.

Dadi tells Ridhima about how soft Vansh is from his heart and hard from outside.

Ridhima is confused yet feels touched knowing Vansh’s care for her.

Vansh and Angre talk about the person who tried to first kill Vansh and then attacked Ridhima.

Angre questions Vansh about how he is so sure that the attacker is not Ridhima’s partner.

Vansh is confirmed because if he is Ridhima’s partner then he will never attack Ridhima nor Ridhima will save his life but rather she will support her partner.

Vansh determines to find the person while Anupriya interrupts in questioning whom he is going to find.

Vansh dismisses while Anupriya asks him to first take care of himself and then think to find the person.

Vansh denies taking rest because he is more determined to find the culprit.

Ishani comes to Ridhima’s room and thinks she is not going to let Ridhima live in peace.

Ridhima soon enters in her room and stumbles seeing a scary message on the mirror which is written with the lipstick.

The message says ‘Do not try to find me or she will be responsible for the right or wrong circumstances’.

Ridhima gets scared and rushes to call Vansh when she trips and falls but Vansh catches her and saves her.

Ridhima takes Vansh to the room and shows the message but there is no message on the mirror.

The family rushes where Ishani is smiling while the family compels Ridhima to relax.

Aryan, Dadi and the family makes Ridhima understand that it may be her hallucination.

Ridhima in double trouble

Ridhima still tries to explain Vansh but Vansh doesn't believe in her.

Ridhima shows a little lipstick still on the mirror when Vansh tries to make her relax and promises to find the real culprit.

Ridhima tells Vansh about someone from his family is the real culprit that Vansh gets angry and lashes out at Ridhima.

Ridhima gets disappointed while Vansh leaves.

Ridhima comes to spy Ishani who is using the same shade of lipstick while when she leaves from her room, Ridhima comes and gets the lipstick as evidence against Ishani.

Ridhima turns to find the yellow gloves when Ishani comes and lashes out at her.

Ishani falls down when the family rushes.

Vansh gets angry at Ridhima when Ridhima says Ishani is the real culprit.

Ishani proves her innocence showing her video call details when she was on a video call with her friend while she was attacked.

Chanchal insults Ridhima when Ishani accuses Ridhima of stealing her lipstick.

Angry Vansh takes away Ridhima to their bedroom where Vansh gets angry at Ridhima.

Vansh stops Ridhima from doubting his family while Ridhima stands upset realizing Ishani is innocent.


Vansh drapes saree around Ridhima and helps her get dressed.

Kabir lashes out at his partner when Ridhima enters the same room.

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