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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th September 2020 written update Vansh turns caring hubby to Ridhima (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th September 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vansh taking care of Ridhima and leaves while then a mystery person in black comes to kill Ridhima.

The person comes and removes Ridhima’s oxygen mask, Ridhima starts feeling suffocated and struggles for oxygen.

Ridhima tries hard to catch the man but fails and starts losing her lifeline.

Vansh is talking to Angre about how someone can dare enter his house while when he hears a sound coming from Ridhima’s room, shocked Vansh rushes recklessly to Ridhima’s room.

Vansh shouts Ridhima seeing Ridhima on floor. Vansh takes Ridhima in his arms and makes her lie on the bed while he tries to comfort her asking her to breathe.

Vansh calls out doctor where the doctor comes shocked and starts treating Ridhima.

Doctor reveals Ridhima in danger after how the oxygen mask was removed. The doctor is not sure if Ridhima will wake up or not while Vansh stands stumbled.

Vansh shouts Ridhima and panics while Dadi tries to pacify him.

Dadi asks Vansh to pray before God even if he doesn’t believe in me, Ridhima needs prayers.

Vansh gets in the bathroom and takes shower recalling his moments with Ridhima.

Soon Vansh confronts God and starts complaining about his injustice with Ridhima, who trusts in him blindly.

Vansh is broken down in tears recalling his confrontation with Ridhima when Ridhima showed her trust in God.

Vansh warns and prays before God to make his Ridhima fine while soon the family also arrives and joins him for the prayer. Dadi wipes her tears and looks at Vansh.

Chanchal taunts Ishani saying Vansh is in love with Ridhima because today he did what he never did for anyone.

Dadi gives vermillion to Vansh compelling him to fill it in Ridhima’s hairline.

Vansh comes to his bedroom and recalls all his beautiful moments with Ridhima when they fought to overfill sindoor in Ridhima’s hairline.

Flashback ends, Vansh fills sindoor in Ridhima’s hairline when Ridhima suddenly opens her eyes.

Shocking Vansh, Ridhima’s heartbeats stop.

Vansh recalls his first meeting with Ridhima, their fights, their romantic moments and the time he proposed Ridhima for marriage and the time when Ridhima took a gunshot to save his life.

Vansh stands shocked seeing no response from Ridhima while suddenly she opens her eyes again and finally.

Ridhima is back to life from the death bed.

Vansh questions Ridhima if she is fine while she nods.

The family comes when the doctor calls it a miracle.

Dadi reminds Vansh of the power of vermillion while Siya says it is Vansh Bhai’s love that saved Ridhima’s life.

Ishani swears next time, Ridhima will not be saved.

Vansh asks Ridhima to take rest while he sees Ridhima trying to get a glass of water.

Vansh grabs Ridhima’s hand and gives her water while he takes Ridhima in arms and helps her in drinking water.

Vansh takes care of Ridhima while makes her sleep.

Next morning, Kabir scolds his partner after Ridhima saw his face.

Ridhima is getting ready when she fails to apply vermillion and fails to wear mangalsutra.

Vansh comes from behind and helps Ridhima wear mangalsutra while he applies sindoor in Ridhima's hairline.

Vansh and Ridihima share a moment when Ridhima questions why he saved her when he wanted to kill her while Vansh also asks the same question.

Vansh questions why she saved him when she knew his intentions.

Ridhima now trusts in Vansh

Ridhima recalls Dadi giving her a gift before arriving for the farmhouse.

Ridhima gets Ragini and his parents' picture and Dadi's letter.

Ridhima finally realizes that Vansh said the truth about Sate not being Ragini's father.

Ridhima reads letter stating Ragini hailed from a reputed family but she was always a greedy woman.

Dadi tells Ridhima that Vansh only loved her (Ridhima) while she asks him to not let the past burn her relationship with Vansh.

Ridhima realized Vansh's honesty and thinks how she can let him die when she learned he always said truth to her and is innocent.

Vansh makes Ridhima take medicine while soon he leaves getting a call.

Ridhima sees the mystery person.


Ridhima sees warning on the mirror and calls out Vansh but Vansh doesn't find any.

Ridhima tries to explain the truth but the family denies while Vansh asks her to relax.

Later, Ridhima thinks to find the person who uses same lipstick shade.

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