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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th October 2020 written update Vansh exposes Kabir (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th October 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vansh scolds everyone for their carelessness when Anupriya, Chanchal, Aryan all hold Ridhima responsible.

Ridhima defends herself and reveals about Sejal’s kidnapping and how she found about Sejal trapped in the house.

The family refuses to believe her when Ridhima gets emotional.

Shocking everyone, Vansh says Sejal is with him.

Anupriya, Kabir, Aryan and Chanchal all get nervous to the core when Ridhima takes a sigh of relief.

Ridhima then gets worried as if Sejal revealed Vansh about Kabir.

Vansh orders everyone to stay locked inside the mansion and not dare leave the house.

Kabir confronts Ridhima and manipulates her saying Vansh is behind the kidnapping.

Kabir thinks Ridhima loves Vansh and this is the reason she is defending him. Kabir compels Ridhima to interrogate Vansh about what he knows.

Kabir and Anupriya are worried like hell when Kabir gets a message ‘the secret will come out at 4 PM’.

Anupriya gets nervous that Kabir will catch them but Kabir compels her to be relaxed as Vansh maybe only doubting them.

Chanchal is also scared while Aryan makes her relax. Chanchal and Aryan get a paper in the sandwich which reads… ’Secret will come out at 4 PM’.

Vansh comes to Ridhima when Ridhima thinks why he is being rude to her when he was talking nicely to her on the phone.

Ridhima tells Vansh about Sejal and her friendship, their childhood in an orphanage. Ridhima is trying hard to talk to Vansh but Vansh is busy in his work and files.

Ridhima shows a new perfume to Vansh which is Vansh’s favourite but Vansh says he changed his favourite.

Vansh's biggest revelation shocks everyone

Vansh pulls Ridhima close and questions the reasons for her nervousness while Ridhima gets really scared.

Vansh leaves when Ridhima calls Kabir and tells him when Vansh comes shocking her.

Vansh questions Ridhima but Ridhima makes excuse and she also switched off her phone timely.

Vansh compels her to wait for 4 PM as the secret will get revealed.

The family gathers when Vansh plays siren. Kabir has hidden under the table.

The family is scared to the hell when Vansh exposes Kabir shocking everyone.

Kabir gets shocked when Vansh exposes Kabir.


Vansh points the gun at Kabir when Kabir says he will soon expose his and Ragini's past.

Ridhima pushes Vansh's hand and saves Kabir shocking Vansh.

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