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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th November 2020 written update Ridhima fetches ugly truth of Kabir Anupriya (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 17, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th November 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Kabir and Anupriya celebrating their victory while Dadi compelling Ridhima to handover room key to Kabir.

Anupriya and Kabir recall their plannings and plotting where now Kabir will have high full right on VR mansion.

Ridhima hears them talking about dream and questions what dream they are talking about.

Kabir fools Ridhima with his sweet butter talks.

Ridhima leaves but is completely suspicious over their relation.

Kabir brings pineapple cake for the family members and talks about himself taking Vansh's place.

Ishani refuses to eat the cake as Vansh Bhai didn't like it while she warns him to not dare try to take Vansh's place.

Dadi apologizes on behalf of Ishani but Ridhima supports Ishani.

Ridhima also warns Kabir to not try to take Vansh's place. Ridhima assures he can never take Vansh's place in their family nor in their hearts.

Ridhima refuses to eat the cake where the family leaves and Kabir gets teary eyes.

Dadi also leaves when Kabir loses his temper questioning how Ishani could insult him when he is her brother.

Kabir swears to teach a lesson to Ishani and make her call him Bhai just like she used to call Vansh Bhai.

Kabir determines to take Vansh's place in the family when they notice Ridhima standing beside them.

Ridhima is suspicious thinking why Kabir wants to take Vnsh's place when she sees Kabir's wallet falling from his pocket.

Ridhima sees Anupriya's photograph with Kabir, who is in his young look.

Ridhima turns to find evidence against them while Anupriya compels Kabir to not take any step against Ishani.

Ridhima is sneakily overhearing Anupriya and Kabir's conversation.

Anupriya wants Kabir to focus on Vansh's business and money instead of focusing on Ishani and family.

Kabir is determined to get Vansh's place, his dignity and his power in the family.

Ridhima gets worried seeing Kabir getting inside Kabir's room.

Ridhima doesn't find Kabir as he hides while Kabir then determines to make Ishani pay for insulting him.

Ridhima suspicious of Kabir and Anupriya

Next day, Dadi takes nazar of Anupriya and Kabir and compels them to thank Ridhima who asked her to take their nazar.

Kabir gets suspicious of why Ridhima asked Dadi to take their nazar.

Here Ridhima is interrogating Kabir and Anupriya's room for some evidence against Anupriya and Kabir.

Ridhima then comes to the swimming pool and sees Kabir's childhood bag.

Ridhima gets receipt of the school bag which is bought 2 days ago. Ridhima calls the shopkeeper and confirms the bag purchase.

Ridhima is shocked realizing the bag was a part of the pre-plotted plan of Anupriya and Kabir.

Ridhima matches the handwriting and realizes the writing of the kidnapper's letter is of Kabir.

Ridhima determines to expose Kabir and Anupriya before the family. 

Kabir comes from behind and claps.


Kabir pushes Ridhima in the swimming pool. Ridhima drowns.

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