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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th November 2020 written update Vihaan & Ridhima first meeting (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 19, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th November 2020 written update Vihaan (Rrahul Sudhir) and Ridhima (Helly Shah) first meeting 

The current episode starts with Ridhima falls shattered and breaks the mirror in frustration.

Kabir makes a circle around Ridhima compelling Ridhima to not dare cross his chakravyuh or he will shed blood of this family.

Kabir threats Ridhima and urges her to join hands with him.

Kabir leaves when suddenly Ridhima hears Vansh calling her name.

Ridhima sees Vansh outside the house and recklessly runs to meet him.

Ridhima finds no one and ends up feeling shattered and broken in tears.

Ridhima recalls all her lovely times that she spent with her Vansh and walks crying tears of pain.

Ridhima comes to the temple and complaints about snatching her Vansh. 

Ridhima prays to Lord Ganesh for helping her in exposing Kabir and Anupriya.

Vihaan's glimpse is shown while Ridhima is praying to God to show her path, be with her and give her strength to fight Kabir and defeat him.

Ridhima is leaving the temple when some goons attack Ridhima and take her gold bangles.

The goons try to snatch mangalsutra from Ridhima's hand that Ridhima recalls Vansh making her wear the mangalsutra.

Ridhima fights back the goon when angry goons attack Ridhima with the knife.

Suddenly a hand grabs the knife and Ridhima stands stunned.

Vihaan makes his entry and ruthlessly beats up the goons. 

Vihaan protects Ridhima from the deadly attacks.

Vihaan brings Ridhima to VR mansion 

Vihaan turns his face when Ridhima gets such shocked that she faints in Vihaan's arms saying Vansh.

Ridhima recalling Vansh falling from the cliff faints and hugs Vihaan while Vihaan also hugs her back.

Ridhima is outside of VR mansion when Dadi, Ishani and Angre come. Dadi gets worried for Ridhima and tries to wake her up but all in vain.

The family gets worried when Ridhima suddenly wakes up saying Vansh.

Ridhima hides Vihaan's truth thinking if it was her imagination.

Dadi scolds Ridhima for not taking care of herself while Ridhima comforts her.

Ridhima thinks to find out the truth.

Here Vihaan pays money to the goons who attacked Ridhima.

Vihaan recalls dropping Ridhima to VR mansion and touches VR initial on VR mansion main gate feeling excited.

Vihaan promises to soon enter in VR mansion.

Flashback ends, Vihaan wears his glasses and sends away the goons.


Kabir compels Ridhima to ask Dadi to handover Vansh business to him.

Kabir smirks saying then he will take Vansh's bedroom.

Ridhima comes and tracks down Vihaan's room.

Ridhima gets shocked seeing Vihaan who comes forth Ridhima.

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