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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th November 2020 written update Ridhima completely trapped (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 18, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th November 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Kabir and Ridhima major confrontation.

Kabir slowly and steadily reveals everything about how he played such a big game of love with her.

Kabir reminds Ridhima everything about how he trapped her in love, made her marry Vansh, killed Ragini's father, and made Vansh fall for her.

Kabir reminds Ridhima that her biggest mistake was handing Ragini to him which changed his whole game and got everything in his favour.

Ridhima regrets loving Kabir but she is more shocked knowing Kabir killed Ragini.

Ridhima stumbles knowing Anupriya killed Vansh's mother. Ridhima breaks down in tears recalling all the scenarios.

Anupriya also comes and agrees to whatever Kabir said to her.

Ridhima gets another shocker knowing Anupriya attacked Siya.

Kabir reveals the entire scenario of how he took Vansh to the cliffside whereafter Vansh died.

Ridhima swears to expose both of them but Kabir grabs her hand and pushes her in the swimming pool.

Kabir threats Ridhima but Ridhima swears to protect her family just like Vansh and she doesn't care for her death.

Kabir is confident that Ridhima can't expose him because she has no proof.

Kabir and Ridhima face-off

Kabir questions Ridhima if she will tell everyone that she was his girlfriend, she came as a spy and she is the reason for his death.

Kabir says Vansh loved her but Ridhima betrayed him, Ridhima recalls her lovely times with Vansh.

Anupriya then plays Siya's recording where Ridhima confessed she is a spy.

Kabir reminds Ridhima that she has no way to prove them culprit instead she will only get hate from the family.

Ridhima challenges Kabir that she will bear hate but will not stay quiet.

Anupriya grabs Ridhima when Kabir gets an electric wire and shocks Ridhima, Ridhima falls.

Kabir threats Ridhima telling now when she fell in such a short time then what will happen to Ishani.

Ridhima compels Kabir to stop while Kabir then tells about Siya.

Kabir asks Ridhima to go and save Ishani. Ridhima scared in fear rushes to save Ishani.

Ridhima stops Ishani from switching on the light, Ishani falls and argues with Ridhima.

Kabir comes and switches on the light shocking Ridhima. 

Ishani argues with Kabir while Kabir taunts Ridhima that this was just a trailer, the movie is still left.


Kabir's goons attack Ridhima.

Vihaan comes and beats goons saving Ridhima while Ridhima gets shocked seeing him.

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