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Imlie 12 May 2022 written update Narmada blames Imlie (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on May 12, 2022


Imlie 12 May 2022 written update

The current episode starts with Imlie’s emotional breakdown and asks Madhav to telecast in Bhaskar Times that Aryan needs B negative blood.

She yells at the Nurse asking how there can be no donors in the whole of Delhi.

Narmada breaks down when Neela sends Gudiya with Arpita and behind their exit, she instigates Narmada.

Neela starts provoking Narmada against Imlie and makes her believe that Imlie is the real culprit and she is responsible for putting his life in deadly danger.

Narmada defends Imlie but not for long.

Here Imlie reaches blood bank and asks for blood or the donor when the nurse talk rudely to her.

However, Imlie manages to make her way. As soon as she gets Madhav’s call and comes to know about the blood donor, she leaves in hurry.

A peon enters the room and secretly takes out the hidden B negative blood pouch thanking the God that Imlie didn’t see it.

Imlie reaches the hospital and enters ICU to see Aryan when Neela yells at her.


Imlie in tough situation, Aryan fighting for life 

Narmada also starts talking against Imlie. Arpita tries explaining her but the latter is not ready to listen to her.

Jyoti sends Madhav to Imlie when they both leave. Jyoti smirks thinking now everyone will misunderstand Imlie and Madhav.

Imlie promises Aryan to hold on and she will come back in two hours but unfortunately, on her way back, she gets stuck in the traffic.

Imlie pleads with everyone to help her go but no one pays heed to her. However, she is still determined to save Aryan.


Jyoti gives the blood to the doctor when Narmada slaps Imlie.


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