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Anupama 3 August 2022 written update Pakhi REGRETS (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on August 03, 2022


Anupama 3 August 2022 written update Bapuji curses Shahs

The current episode starts with Anupama leaving the Shah House for once and all.

Baghban song plays in the background when Anupama recollects all her past memories and gets emotional.

Kavya runs and hugs Anupama asking her to contact her anytime if she needs a friend.

Rakhi enjoys the drama while Kavya is totally shattered seeing Anupama leaving.

Anupama hugs Bapuji when the latter gives her Imlie toffee sharing an emotional moment with his daughter. Bapuji gives Anuj’s hand to Anupama’s hand and gives her an emotional bidaayi.

Anuj, Anupama, and Choti Anu leave the Shah House while behind their exit, Bapuji stands broken down in tears.

The family reaches home when Anupama stays back in the car and badly recalls the curse of Pakhi, Baa, Vanraj, and Paritosh.

Anupama closes her ears and suffers through a hell-like trauma as the trauma echoes in her ears.

Barkha gets tense when Ankush reveals that Anuj is going to make a big announcement.

Rakhi leaves and tells Kinjal that she will return the next day with her bags.

After her exit, Bapuji vents out his pain and regrets how he failed to do anything and failed to stop his daughter.

Bapuji wishes to die and requests God to give death to him because he doesn’t want to live anymore.

Bapuji feels suffocated in the house when Kavya and Kinjal take care of him.

Vanraj and his evil gang are taken aback by Bapuji’s confession that now nothing will happen well in the family while he curses every person who has hurt a mother like Anupama.


Anuj and Anupama's happy family time with Anu

Bapuji curses Pakhi that the deed she has done today will become a burden on her head for her entire life and everyone who cursed his daughter Anupama will suffer for his entire life.

Anupama finally controls her suffering and freshens up.

Bapuji pushes Vanraj when he tries to check his BP while the latter gets upset.

Anupama, Anuj, and Anu spend a lovely time together.

Anu made a tent house and welcomes Anuj and Anupama wherein the family spend a happy time.

Bapuji reminds Vanraj about how ill-mannered a daughter he has who is just like him.

Bapuji tongue lashes Vanraj for not controlling Pakhi but forcing her to insult Anupama more.


Anupama refuses to go to a place wherein Anuj and Anu get hurt.

Pakhi regrets hurting Anupama and wants to do everything fine but Vanraj stops her.


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