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Sanjivani 2: NV stands with Ishani’s pratigya brings Sid to life (Upcoming Twist)

Sanjivani 2: NV stands with Ishani’s pratigya brings Sid to life

Star Plus popular show Sanjivani 2 is seeing a crucial track in the story.

NV once again gets in action mode to motivate Ishani.

While the successful surgery brought Sid to conscious from comma state,

Sid takes Ishani’s name where Ishani will have to meet Sid to bring him to life.

Further NV gets Ishani to Sid and makes her hold Sid’s hand.

NV helps Sid and Ishani

NV’s such pleasing effort succeeds and thus the duos bring Sid back to life.

Although NV loves Ishani and is helping Sid and Ishani, what will happen to NV when Sid will return in Ishani’s life…?

Let see how Ishani will face the coming challenging time in her life after Sid has revived his life out of comma state.

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