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Sanjivani 2: Ishani’s classy outlook ready for reunion with Sid (Upcoming Twist)

Sanjivani 2 Upcoming Twist, Latest News 14th February 2020

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular serial Sanjivani 2 will showcase new twist in tale.

As per the recent episode, Ishani was seen a depressed damsel in distress.

Navratan Singh always supported Ishani through thick and thin or else Ishani would have been finished by now.

Now NV is determined to bring back the real Ishani where he wants Ishani to support Sid to recall his lost memory.

NV wants Ishani to do this for self and not for Sid’s love.

NV’s risks Ishani for Sid’s return

Ishani gets ready in her classy outlook for reunion with Sid only to get all the answers of his betrayal.

What do you think will NV’s this big step make Ishani reunite in love with Sid?

Will NV lose Ishani forever?

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