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Naagin 5: Veer turns out Bani’s true lover Hriday from past life, not Jai (Latest News)

Naagin 5: Veer (Sharad Malhotra) turns out Bani’s (Surbhi Chandna) true lover Hriday from the past life

The top TV show Naagin 5 is going to see big revelation ahead in the upcoming episode storyline when Jai and Bani are going to marry.

Jai and Bani are up to get married in the same wedding mandap where Veer is marrying Bani’s sister Meera.

Rumours are high that Jai is the real villain and Veer, who is still not aware of his past life is the real hero of the story and Bani’s true lover.

Further, in the episodes to come, finally, the truth will get revealed to Bani when she will come to know that her real enemy Aakesh is Jai and Veer is Hriday, whom she loved selflessly.

Bani’s life to turn upside down

With the true revelation of Jai, Bani and Veer’s real identities, Bani’s life is going to turn upside down.

However, let’s see how Veer and Bani’s love will see ups and downs with Jai turning out the real enemy.

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