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Anupama: Vanraj gets lead of Anupama's presence in the same resort with family (Upcoming Twist)

Anupama: Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) gets lead of Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) presence in the same resort with family

The upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Anupama will showcase interesting twist.

It was earlier seen that Rakhi wants to expose Vanraj and enjoy the drama.

Hence, Rakhi calls the entire Shah family to resort where Vanraj and Kavya are honeymooning.

Rakhi takes precautions that Vanraj should not see anyone from the family.

Now Anupama and entire family members enjoy and dance together on a loud music.

Vanraj and Anupama on phone call

While Vanraj and Kavya wants to spend peaceful time.

Vanraj and Kavya gets irked where Vanraj calls in Anupama's room to asks them to keep silence.

Vanraj and Anupama get on call where the duo understands each other's voice.

Will Vanraj runaway hearing Anupama's voice?

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