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Anupama: Kavya announces marriage on Vanraj's birthday (Latest News)

Anupama: Kavya announces marriage on Vanraj's birthday

Star Plus popular TV show Anupama will see a huge blaster at Vanraj's birthday party.

So, Kavya is driven revengeful, and crazy after Vanraj leaves her to celebrate his birthday with the family.

Kavya is frustrated realizing how Vanraj has chosen his family and neglected her.

Vanraj really wants to mend his relationship with Anupama and the family but Kavya is not ready to let him do so.

Kavya is ready with her biggest move against Vanraj.

Huge shocker waiting for Vanraj and Anupama 

Revengeful Kavya swears to ruin this birthday party and get Vanraj back to her by hook or by crook.

Consequently, Kavya announces her marriage with Vanraj on Vanraj's birthday.

Kavya's disastrous step stumbles Vanraj because Vanraj loves Kavya but he never desired to marry her.

With Kavya announcing her marriage with Vanraj and Vanraj finding himself all trapped, 

What major twist will come up next in Anupama,

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