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Anupama: Kavya's revengful step against Vanraj and Anupama (Upcoming Episode)

Anupama: Kavya's revengeful step against Vanraj and Anupama

The upcoming episode of Anupama TV serial will see Kavya turning intense revengeful.

Kavya plans to celebrate Vanraj's birthday in the resort.

However, Vanraj spoils Kavya's plan when he heads to Shah's house to celebrate his birthday with the family.

Kavya bursts out in anger realizing how Vanraj once again neglected her.

Kavya is driven crazy seeing how Vanraj, again and again, gets attracted to Anupama.

Kavya wants Vanraj to forget his family and be with her.

Now, Kavya decides to play her final move to get her control over Vanraj.

Consequently, Kavya makes her blasting entry into Shah's house, and shocking everyone, she announces her marriage with Vanraj.

Vanraj to face a new ordeal

So, how Vanraj will refuse Kavya when he never thought to marry her.

Vanraj always loved Kavya but never thought to marry her because his family is his priority.

What new twist will come up next in Vanraj's birthday and what will be next 

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