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Anupama: Kavya butters up Anupama with ulterior motive (Upcoming Episode)

Anupama: Kavya butters Anupama with an ulterior motive

In the latest story of Anupama TV serial, Vanraj's birthday celebration will see Kavya playing evil.

So, Kavya interrupts the happiness of the Shah family when she makes her entry into the house.

Anupama permits Kavya to celebrate the birthday with them after all she is Vanraj's lady love.

Kavya then surprises everyone when she gives Anupama's hand in Vanraj's hand and reminds her that she is still Vanraj's wife.

Kavya butters Anupama when she confesses that she is Vanraj's love but she (Anupama) is his wife.

Kavya gives Anupama the authority of Vanraj's wife and makes her accompany Vanraj in the pooja.

However, Kavya has some hidden agenda behind buttering Anupama.

Consequently, Kavya has determined to convince Anupama so that she gets Vanraj married to her.

Kavya plays against Vanraj

Kavya very well knows that Vanraj loves her but not more than his family.

Kavya also knows that Vanraj will never marry her and this is the reason why Kavya is impressing Anupama.

Kavya is acting sweet-sweet only to get Anupama's favor and not let Vanraj return back to Anupama.

So, how Anupama will get Vanraj married to Kavya,

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