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Anupama: Vanraj ignores Kavya to cut cake with Anupama (Upcoming Twist)

Anupama: Vanraj ignores Kavya to cut cake with Anupama

The upcoming twist in Star Plus TV serial Anupama will see the Shah family celebrating Vanraj's grand birthday.

Kavya comes to celebrate Vanraj's birthday after all how Vanraj canceled their resort plan.

Anupama convinces Baa to let Kavya celebrate with them.

The theme of the party is black and Anupama's beauty revamp gives a huge surprise to Vanraj.

Vanraj stands mesmerized seeing Anupama flaunting her classy look in a black saree.

What is interesting is that Vanraj goes mad seeing Anupama and fails to divert his attention from her.

Consequently, Vanraj celebrates his birthday with Anupama, not Kavya.

Kavya turns revengeful 

Kavya also decks up in a pretty saree but Anupama's transformation caught Vanraj's eyes.

Vanraj cuts his birthday cake with Anupama, not Kavya and this happens for the first time since Anupama and Vanraj's marriage.

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