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Imlie: Aditya & Tripathis in jail Imlie twists Anu’s hand (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on June 10, 2021

Imlie:  Aditya Tripathis in jail Imlie twists Anu’s hand

Star Plus TV show Imlie is witnessing amazing drama because Imlie isn’t ready to let Anu hurt her family.

Imlie and the family face a huge shocker when Anu brings the Police to the Tripathi House.

Anu gets Aditya and the entire Tripathi family arrested on charges of domestic violence, harassment, and mental torture.

Imlie shows her fierce avatar to Anu the moment she insults her and Aditya’s pious relationship in the Police station.

The family gets stunned while Anu who badmouths Imlie for ruining Malini’s life gets a befitting reply from Imlie when she twists her hand.

Imlie becomes Aditya and Tripathis proud

Imlie’s bold stand for herself, Aditya, and the Tripathi family bring a proud moment for them.

Anu stands furious and pissed off with Imlie’s courage of twisting her hand.

So, how riveting the upcoming story will be and how Imlie will prove the Tripathi's innocent,

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