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Pandya Store 10the June 2021 written update Suman accepts Rishita throwing Dhara out (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on June 10, 2021

Pandya Store 10th June 2021 written update Dhara thanks Rishita for saving everyone life and leaves house

Today’s episode starts with Shiva tries to wake up Raavi but is failed to do it so.

Rishita, Krish and Dev reach on time and gets sucess to save them while Shiva is surprised to see Rishita’s motherly love for Raavi.

All one share an emotional moment and come out from the temple.

Suman orders Dhara to call her brother Hardik and go from here.

Injured Shiva tries to drive tractor reach to temple but Rishita stops him and drives itself.

Everyone reach to temple in injured condition and Suman, Dhara and Gautam gets surprised when Shiva tells them about how Rishita manages to save them.

Dhara thanks Rishita while Shiva tells Dhara that she was always right and now they get to know that they will be together forever.

Shiva and Dev request Suman to stop Dhara

Rishita is happy when Suman hugs her and calls her her daughter in law.

Dhara apologizes to everyone for her behaviour but happy to realizes that Rishita and Raavi will keep the family together in her absence.

Dhara shares an emotional mementos with Gautam and leaves house.


Shiva, Dev plead Suman to stop Dhara as they can nor live without her.

Suman stops Dhara.

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