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Imlie: Woah! Love Couple Kunal-Malini help Aditya Imlie (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on July 22, 2021

Imlie: Love Couple Kunal-Malini to help Aditya Imlie

Star Plus popular TV serial Imlie is gearing up for more drama in Aditya and Imlie’s life yet an exciting love story shaping up.

So Malini and Kunal break their friendship as Kunal withdraws from her divorce case.

Interestingly, when the duos miss each other badly, they eventually end up calling each other to confess sorry.

Malini and Kunal mend their relationship while finally, they start to feel love for each other.

How Malini and Kunal will turn a major help to Aditya and Imlie is what you shouldn’t miss because when Aditya gets locked up in the house, the duos only get him out.

Aditya and Imlie to win dance challenge

Just before it gets too late, Kunal and Malini reach Tripathi house and get Aditya out of the room.

Aditya finally reaches the stage on time and there his and Imlie’s dance performance finally wins the challenge.

It would be interesting to watch how Malini and Kunal’s love will bud amid Aditya and Imlie winning Tripathi’s blessings.

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