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Anupama: Post-Birthday Vanraj hates family to marry Kavya (Latest News)

Anupama: Post-Birthday Vanraj hates family to marry Kavya

The upcoming story of Anupama TV serial will see Vanraj's equations with his family coming to halt.

Vanraj's birthday party unfolds huge drama when Pakhi pours the cold-drink on Kavya's face.

The drama starts when Kavya triggers Pakhi compelling she can't stop her from marrying Vanraj.

Pakhi very well knows that Vanraj is not happy with Kavya.

After Pakhi insults Kavya at the party, Kavya manipulates the situation proving Pakhi wrong.

Consequently, Vanraj bursts out at Pakhi without interrogating the truth.

Kavya acts sweet-sweet before Vanraj and one-by-one she fuels hate in Vanraj's heart for his family.

Kavya forces Vanraj for marriage

The upcoming track of Anupama will see the marriage sequence.

Kavya makes Anupama believe that Vanraj is happy with her and she is taking his good care.

Vanraj and Kavya's wedding bell rings because Anupama wants them to be happy.

Will Vanraj realize the truth?

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