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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31 July 2020 written update Vansh Ridhima get engaged (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31 July 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vansh gives a pen drive to Angre which is hidden inside a golden lion head.

Vansh asks Angre to keep it in safe place as it is having a big secret.

Here the family women are gossiping about Ridhima and Vansh marriage.

Ishani is as usual talking bad about Ridhima while Aryan smirks thinking now Ridhima will get to live in real hell after she is marrying to Vansh.

The family prepares for engagement ceremony and everyone is dressed up that Ridhima talks about Ridhima will surely say yes as she is a middle class poor girl and Vansh’s money will get her convinced.

Vansh comes and reminds Ishani that Ridhima is daughter-in-law of the family and she is her Bhabhi.

Vansh reminds Ishani that to respect Ridhima is not her choice but it is her duty while he asks her to not let him remind this again.

Ishani gets pissed off while the family is waiting for Ridhima.

Dadi asks Vansh if he asked for Ridhima’s consent for marriage, Vansh recalls how Ridhima refused for marriage.

Vansh goes to take Ridhima but then sees her coming downstairs for engagement ceremony.

Ishani taunts saying the power of money finally attracted her.

The ceremony begins where Vansh is surprised that Ridhima is ready for engagement while Ridhima confesses a marriage changes a girl’s life a stubbornness has a limit.

Vansh and Ridhima sit for engagement ceremony where Vansh and Ridhima exchange rings.

Ridhima recalls Kabir proposing her and making her wear the ring.

Meanwhile Vansh recalls all the incidents whenever Ridhima did something suspicious.

Vansh thinks he can marry her to find the truth about why she is here and what her real motive is.

Dadi asks them for pooja while Vansh refuses saying he doesn’t believes in God while Ridhima says she believes in.

Ridhima takes promises against Vansh

Ridhima comes and performs pooja while promising to herself, she will get him exposed and within three days, he will make her wear bangles but she will make wear handcuffs.

Ridhima recalls Vansh giving pen drive to Angre where he asks him to hide the same as it is having all his contacts and deal informations.

Vansh tells Angre that this pen drive has everything that can ruin Vansh so keep it safe while Ridhima hears everything.

Flashback ends, Ridhima swears to find the information and get it reach Kabir so that Kabir could end Vansh’s game.

Dadi asks Vansh to sit for Raksha Bandhan where Ishani and Siya tie rakhi to Vansh.

Ridhima makes excuse and comes to Vansh’s room for the information.


Vansh comes to the room that Ridhima hides in cupboard,

Vansh is about to open Cupboard, Ridhima gets scared.

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