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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th September 2020 written update Kabir is real villain kills Ridhima (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th September 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vansh compels Ridhima to get ready as he planned a big surprise for her.

Ridhima rushes towards outside but Vansh grabs her hand and stops her.

Vansh urges Ridhima to first enjoy the evening with him and then she can leave.

Ridhima is shattered in tears while Vansh reminds Ridhima the promise she made to him when she burnt his mother’s painting, she promised him that she will never refuse him when the time comes.

Vansh scares her with the knife when he compels her to bake the cake on this special occasion.

Ridhima imagines Vansh stabbing her but then gains her conscious.

Vansh asks Ridhima to go and get changed while Vansh drops Ridhima to her room.

Vansh leaves while Ridhima cries and is scared assuming Vansh will kill her today.

Vansh asks Angre to keep eye on the main gate as the guest will be coming.

Kabir enters in VR mansion and is surprised finding no security.

Angre questions Vansh if he will really kill Ridhima but Vansh denies.

Vansh wants to catch her partner in crime, the person who is behind her.

Vansh plays the piano while he tells Angre that he will make him realize that today is Ridhima’s last day and when he will come to save Ridhima, he will be trapped.

Angre agrees and leaves when soon Kabir injects Angre on his neck and faints him.

Vansh calls out Ridhima and gets mesmerized seeing Ridhima in his gifted dress,

Vansh compliments Ridhima when a shiver runs in Ridhima’s body.

Vansh brings Ridhima to the hall and surprises her with the beautiful decoration saying today they will start a new relationship.

Janam Janam Janam…Saath Chalna Yuhi song plays while Vansh and Ridhima romantically dance.

Kabir is surprised and confused at the same time as he can’t think of why Vansh is doing this.

Vansh thinks he will make the real mastermind come forth and for this, he will have to hurt Ridhima.

Kabir thinks Vansh has planned to kill Ridhima but he also promised Ridhima to protect her.

Kabir aims the gun at Vansh while someone else is also pointing at Vansh.

Kabir's evil face 

Kabir and the person both pull the trigger and shoots gun, Ridhima sees it and rushes to save Vansh.

Ridhima shouts Vansh and takes the bullet saving Vansh, while she falls unconscious in Vansh’s arms shocking Vansh.

Vansh rushes taking Ridhima in his arms while here Kabir breaks down in tears.

Kabir falls on his knees regretting everything happened because of him.

Suddenly the same person comes from behind and puts Kabir on gunpoint.

Kabir gets shocked and suddenly starts smiling.

Kabir laughs out loud saying everything is going according to their plan while he pities on Ridhima.

Kabir turns out the real enemy who made Ridhima his pawn against Vansh.

The doctor treats Ridhima and gives instruction to Vansh to take good care of Ridhima.

The man hears Vansh and Doctors' conversation.

Kabir laughs and is feeling pity on Ridhima.


The man removes oxygen and strangulates Ridhima while critical Ridhima struggles.

Vansh prays before God with shivering hands and asks God to save his Ridhima.

Vansh comes back to his bedroom where he fills sindoor in Ridhima's hairline and suddenly realizes Ridhima's heartbeat is blank.

Vansh gets stumbled.

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