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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th November 2020 Vansh falls from cliff, Ridhima left alone (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 12, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th November 2020 Vansh falls from cliff, Ridhima left alone

The current episode starts Vansh recalling his old moments with Ridhima and their wedding night.

Vansh feels betrayed by Ridhima while here Ridhima is rushing to home to save her Vansh.

Kabir arrests Vansh while Anupriya starts her emotional drama.

Anupriya acts and begs before Kabir like a mother to spare her son Vansh.

Kabir takes away Vansh when Ridhima comes and gets shocked to see Vansh.

Ridhima tries calling Vansh but no use as she trips and falls.

Ridhima starts the car and leaves to save Vansh while Anupriya tries hard to shoot Ridhima but fails.

Kabir doesn't take Vansh to jail but he takes him to the cliffside.

Kabir frees Vansh from handcuffs and gives him freedom.

Vansh leaves when Kabir shoots the gun from the back and Vansh turns with pride.

Vansh taunts over Kabir's cowardness and dares him to shoot him from the front.

Vansh and Kabir have a deadly fight while here Ridhima is on her way to reach Vansh.

Vansh badly beats Kabir while Kabir also fights back Vansh.

However, Kabir splits sand in Vansh's eyes and Vansh falls.

Kabir points the gun at Vansh while Vansh is still standing strong against Kabir and challenging Kabir with pride.

Vansh reminds Kabir that he can never kill him as the choice is his. 

Vansh steps back near cliffside while Ridhima comes shouting Vansh.

Ridhima loses her Vansh forever

Vansh recalls all his lovely and romantic moments with Ridhima and then Ridhima's betrayals.

Ridhima stops Vansh but Vansh refuses to hear anything.

Ridhima steps forward when he dupatta flies and falls on Vansh's face.

Vansh falls from cliff saying Tere Ishq Mein Marjawan...shocked Ridhima runs and tries holding Vansh's hand but Vansh falls.

Ridhima shouts Vansh while Vansh with a proud smile falls down from the cliff and soon disappears.

Ridhima falls shattered and broken in tears...recalls all her romantic times with Vansh.

Ridhima cries bitterly...Yeh Pyaar Hai plays.


Dadi and the family gets shocked to see Anupriya in white saree and Vansh's portrait with a flower garland.

Kabir tells the family that they didn't find Vansh's body.

Kabir smirks thinking Vansh's game now ends. Ridhima grabs Kabir's hand and ousts him from VR mansion saying he killed her Vansh.

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