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Anupama 23rd September 2022 written update : Baa creates ruckus in Kapadia House (Written Update)


Published By: Soundari | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: September 23, 2022 07:09 AM IST

Anupama 23rd September 2022 written update Anupama's suffers panic attack due to overloaded responsibilities 


The episode starts with Barkha advising Kinjal to divorce Toshu. Kinjal asks for some alone time and Barkha leaves pissed off.

Anuj is on call with Anupama when Kinjal comes there shouting that baby choked on something. Anupama panics and assures to come back soon while Kinjal panics.

Samar says about Toshu's condition to Baa who panics that he would do something ti himself. He asks Vanraj to bring back Toshu who did the same mistake as him but didn't get a chance like him. 

Anuj calls for Doctor immediately but he hurts his head and falls down too. Anupama comes there and gets panic attack seeing the condition. 

Toshu calls out Vanraj's double standards 


Vanraj is in dilemma and Toshu calls Vanraj. He blames Vanraj and Anupama for his condition and calls out Vanraj's double standards. 

Vanraj gets scared when Toshu cuts the call saying that he's never going to forgive him. Toshu takes a knife and keeps the receiver away while Vanraj couldn't reach Toshu. 

Anupama is making remedy for bany and Anuj and blames herself for not fulfilling her responsibility. She says she shouldn't have left Kinjal and Anuj alone. 

Anupama suffers panic attack when Anu's school calls Anuj and says Anupama failed to submit the admission form. Anupama's guilt increases further while both Kinjal and Anuj keeps saying that it's not her fault. 

Vanraj calls Anu and asks if Toshu called her but Anupama's says no. Vanraj cuts the call without giving any further details. 

Vanraj panics imagining Toshu to take a wrong decision. Samad says Vanraj that Toshu is fine in his friend's place and asks him not to worry. 

Anuj puts Anupama to sleep while Kinjal suggests to go back as she don't want to burden Anupama. Anuj says he's also a burden to her but Kinjal asks him not to say so. 

Anuj says the same goes for her and asks her not to consider herself outsider. He prays God to help Anupama. 

Baa explains about ancestral pooja to Kavya. She decides to go somewhere after pooja. 

Baa creates a scene


Precap :

Baa will forcefully try to drag the baby and Kinjal and Anupama will remind her that it's a baby and not a doll.

Baa will say Kinjal that if she stays there Anupama will definitely ruin her house just like hers. Anupama will remind her that it's Kinjal and Toshu's life and no one has a say in it. 

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